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Our History

Looking Back At Our History

July2, 1988- According to the record, the meeting to organize a new church convened at 12:30 pm with the late Dr. Gerald H. Schiele, Moderator of the New Era District Association presiding. At 1:00 pm the official business period began with Rev. Artis Taylor serving as clerk. Dr. Schiele asked the 73 founding members if a name had been chosen for the church. Rev. Laurence Parison came forward and submitted the name of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. Schiele gave instructions, and then declared the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church officially organized. Our first church home for a short period of time was in the chapel of the Lasalle Hotel, 922 Linwood Blvd.,Kansas City, Mo. It was a humble beginning, but we salute the pioneers of that effort, who without a doubt, put God in front and, in spite of small financial gains, were able to hold on, to carry on and to push forward to where we are today. It was moved and seconded that the following men, who had been fully ordained for a number of years, would serve as the founding Deacon Board of this new church: Dea. Curtis Hammons, Sr, Chairman, Dea. Hubert Strickland, Co-Chairman, Dea. L. C. Hawkins, Dea. Rubin Canty, and Dea. Curtis Hammons, Jr. It was moved and seconded that Sister Florence Moran would serve as church clerk. At that time, Ebenezer was without a pastor. On August 14, 1988 at the recommendation of the Board Deacons, the church voted that Rev. Raymond Griffith be sent forth to be ordained, after which, he would become pastor of the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church. The church made great progress under the leadership of Rev. Griffith. During his pastorate, the membership increased from73 to 155. March 1, 1992 at 9:30 a.m. Ebenezer's motorcade departed from 2124 Olive Street, arriving at the new location at 2422 Vanbrunt Blvd. at approximately 10 a.m. where opening ceremony and dedication services were held. April 17, 1994, the Rev. Jesse Frazier was elected as pastor of Ebenezer. The church has made tremendous strides, spiritually as well as in our physical structure under the leadership of pastor Frazier. In 2007 the building and land across the street from Ebenezer was purchased for future expansion. Many ministries are flourishing at Ebenezer and many souls have been won to Christ by the will of the Lord. We are a fellowship of about 450 members and are increasing annually. We are thankful for where we've come to, and grateful to our Heavenly Father who has "HELPED US ALL ALONG THE WAY!"

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